Xiaomi MI M365 PRO Electric Scooter: The Best Electric scooter of the Year

This Xiaomi M365 Pro Review is a data-driven, in-depth look at an upgraded version of the original Xiaomi M365. Slightly larger and a few pounds heavier than its younger brother, the Pro packs in 70% more range and a beefed-up motor.
This is an excellent electric scooter with fantastic specs that make it ideal for traveling short distances, such as a trip to the corner store or to the library.

Xiaomi Redmi M365 pro

The design
The Xiaomi MI M365 PRO Electric Scooter has a good built quality. Its aluminum body is quite massive, and the adjustment system itself is quite durable and comes equipped with effective protection.
The scooter’s frame is thick and wide. It comes covered with a rubber coating that has anti-skid elements. The wheels are 8.5 inches in diameter and are strong. We were impressed with the scooter’s disc brake as well. There is also an in-built screen which shows the charge level, speed, and distance.
We found that the scooter’s dimensions and weight are distributed quite well throughout the whole structure. The scooter’s dimensions are 108 by 46 by 49 centimeter, and it weighs a little over 31 pounds. While this is slightly heavier than the previous model, it’s mainly due to the bigger battery and more powerful engine.

The scooter has a handlebar-mounted front LED headlight and rear taillight. The rear LED taillight activates when you brake. The high-mounted headlight is an appreciated feature that helps to project light further ahead, improving visibility.
However, neither light is particularly bright. Given the importance of watching the road for potholes and other scooter hazards, we recommend additional ultra-bright lights.

The Xiaomi Pro is capped to a max speed of 16 mph (26 kph). This doesn’t sound terribly fast, but it is a good pace. Firmware hacks can unlock this to higher speeds.

Xiaomi Redmi M365 pro

Hill Climbing
The M365 Pro has better hill climbing than other entry-level scooters, including the original M365. The Pro recorded a 15.6 second hill climb time (200 ft, 10% average grade, 165 lb rider).

The Xiaomi scooter features front and rear 8.5-inch x 2-inch pneumatic (air-filled) inner tube tires. The supple rubber provides the best performance in wet conditions while the air helps to cushion your ride.

Unfortunately, air-filled tires are also prone to flats. We actually experienced one while testing the Pro. Despite this drawback, we still favor pneumatic tires due to their performance and safety benefits.

The deck is a good size and covered in a rubberized layer for traction. If you’ve ridden the previous version, you’ll notice the Pro is 2-inches longer and 0.4-inches wider. The increased size gives more space for feet placement and thereby improves comfort.

Can be folded easily
Comes with an anti-theft system
Comes with a strong and powerful engine
Impressive battery life
Features an app for iOS and Android devices

Not fully waterproof (only IP54)
Long charging time (8-9 hours)

We recommend you buy the Xiaomi MI M365 PRO Electric Scooter if you need to travel short distances around a crowded city and this scooter can be purchased online at Banggood.com

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