Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter: Everything you need to Know

Electric scooters are becoming bigger and if not the biggest means of transportation. It is convenient and portable and hence it makes sense that the Xiaomi Company, came up with the Xiaomi M365. It has an extended display that makes the speed bar visible. It has a bigger design, and has longer battery life.

Xiaomi Scooter


The Xiaomi M365 weighs approximately 14kg with a pretty comfortable deck to stand on, and a handlebar that stands 99cm give or take above the deck. Between the handlebars is a display that tells you about speed, or the battery percent while you’re charging, as well as the speed mode.

These handlebars have a good grip and feel comfortable to grip even when held tight for long periods or in the rain. There’s a kickstand on the left side of the deck near the back, which you will find easy to open with just one kick, and it’s easy to get used to doing so.

Xiaomi scooter


The larger battery pack gives the M365 Pro an amazing 40.4-kilometer range. It lasts roughly 7km that goes 4.3 mile. On an estimate you can drive it about 30km on a full charge. Charging the scooter is easy as you just plug the power cable to the port near the front wheel.


The Xiaomi M365 has an amazing acceleration on flat terrain, thanks to the electric motor that yields 300 watts on continuous power and 600 watts peak power in 5.3 sec.  Driving mode makes it possible to drive up to 20km/h, which makes it a perfect speed for keeping pace with cyclists and pedestrians.


The M365 scooter has a front regenerative brake and a rear mechanical disc it is possible to bring the scooter to a stop from 24 km/h in just 4.6 meters which is an excellent result. The brake activation is smooth due to the well-designed cable routing. The strength of the brakes can be adjusted through the Bluetooth-connected app.


The Xiaomi M365 scooter is a big and bulky scooter, with one of the biggest frames you can get for its mid-range price, but you’re getting a lot of power behind the handlebars too. The electric scooter feels stable on roads, as you’ll always go the right speed to keep pace with traffic, without feeling like you’re a small and frail imposter. It’s a great time to get for a scooter.


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