Xiao MI Self Balancing Electric Unicycle Is Already Formed

Recently, I hear of some amazing and astonishing news about the legendary nimbus plan of Millet. It is a complicated product plan, called nimbus. It is about Xiaomi MI self balancing electric unicycle which is already formed.
This MI electric unicycle is super advanced and smart, beyond my imagination. It features MI X system control by MI phone, optical camouflage and hydrogen nuclear power, making it extremely amazing and wonderful.  

Xiao Mi Electric Unicycle

So-called optical camouflage means that the shell nano computer, based on environment information acquisition, changes the shell shape or color to achieve the effect that the surrounding environment is in harmony as an organic whole. The specific effect is like a chameleon.  

This MI self balancing electric unicycle is powered by hydrogen nuclear power, super strong and powerful. Can you imagine a electric unicycle with no power failure?

Moreover, this xiaomi electric unicycle is controlled by MI phone with MI X system, quite smart and intelligent.

It is said that Millet has successfully developed this Xiaomi MI self balancing electric unicycle. It is a miracle, and it is definitely worth attention.  

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