Witnessing World’ s Most Environmental Friendly Transportation With Professor Alberto Minetti

Invited by Airwheel Italian agent Zampieri Luca Ernesto, Alberto Minetti, the professor Milan University and honorary professor of Southern Danmark University, carried out a new experiment on Airwheel electric scooter. Previously, professor Alberto Minetti through experiments proved that within the same distance, four people who take Toyota Prius hybrid electric car can release less carbon dioxide than that of running. And now, the professor opens up a new challenge to prove the world’ s most environmental friendly transportation.Professor Alberto Minetti
As a result, the experimental shows that riding Airwheel is more environmentally friendly than riding a bicycle. The cost of per 100km is 0.06 euro. The use of energy when riding Airwheel is only 25% more than standing still. Professor Alberto Minetti Experiment For Airwheel
Though Airwheel electric scooters sell well at home and abroad, welcomed by users all over the world, a lot of people think that bicycle is the world’ s most environmental protecting tools, because the bike is completely driven by manpower. While, Airwheel electric scooter relies on electric drive. So, although Airwheel is able to provide more easy and convenient riding experience, it is not necessarily more environmental protecting than bicycle. However, it is should not be forgotten that bicycle itself needs no electricity, but people can exhale more carbon dioxide when riding.Professor Alberto Minetti Experiment For Airwheel -2

Through scientific experiment and field detection, the professor obtains the final results. It shows that riding Airwheel electric unicycle can result in less carbon dioxide than riding a bike. Airwheel electric scooter is more environmentally friendly than bicycle, and it is the most environmental protecting transportation in the world. 

Airwheel electric scooter is the future development trend of traffic tools, but innovation often needs time to be gradually accepted by people. In many countries, related laws and regulations about self balancing electric unicycle are still blank. But it is believed that the laws and regulations will one day be filled, because the future trend is unstoppable, and one day, it will come true.

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