Wintel Pro CX-W8 Mini PC Review

sizes over the last few years from many manufacturers, but most of them aren”t worth the sticker price and are good at only a few things. Now, here we have the Wintel Pro CX-W8, better known as the Wintel Box, which is slightly larger than the numpad on a traditional keyboard and not too thick either.

Mini pc

The device is indeed small, but still manages to pack an Intel Atom processor, 2 GB of RAM and plenty of connectivity options. Let”s find out whether these specs, and support for Windows 10, can make it a good low cost PC or if it”s just another forgettable product.

The Wintel Box is a very compact PC with an inoffensive design, that is basically a square block with rounded corners. Although it is on the lighter side at under 250 grams and is made of plastic, it does not feel cheap. There was no noticeable creaking noise or looseness.

Mini pc
Three of its edges have buttons or ports while one edge is plain. On the front, there is the power button and LED, the left side features the two USB ports and the microSD card slot, while the rear holds the 3.5 mm jack, ethernet port, HDMI port, microUSB port and the power connector. The base of the device is slightly elevated and comes with four vents to keep it cool.
The high gloss finish on the sides of the device gets scratched very easily and picks up fingerprints as well, but that probably isn”t a big issue as the device would likely be tucked away behind the television or other media boxes once it”s set up.

Software, Hardware and RAM
A quality of this device that I value very highly is it’s compatibility with several operating systems like Android, Windows, Linux. It’s something I appreciate and which is also among the features of this Mini PC.

Mini pc
Although the default Wintel W8 ships with a dual-boot with Windows and Android, we can play with system changes and install any OS we like. The x86_64 processor architecture opens up an infinite range of possibilities . We can choose Windows, in any version, Android or any distribution of Linux, whether Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, etc. However, before installing systems like crazy, remember several important problems, for example, only having 32GB of internal storage (although the Live versions, using an SD or USB is a very valid option) and make sure that the chipset supports Bluetooth wireless or if there are drivers for the OS you are trying to install.
By default, the BIOS if the Wintel cx-w8 is 32 bit, if you want to opt for a system 64b will have to change the BIOS. This architecture is not complicated, however, stay calm, XiaomiToday will teach you quickly how to change and how to install a different system. To get there you have to press ESC (Escape) while turning on the Mini PC, that is where we will choose how the system starts by default. This device comes with 2GB of RAM.

Good processing speed

Small storage capacity

Mini pc

It is no doubt that the Wintel W8 is a very well designed and built computer. If you want a compact and powerful device to use as TV Box, NAS or any of the options that I mentioned above, this should be more than enough. Its small price makes the device within reach of almost any budget and it’s features and versatility will stand as a valid option for both novice and expert users.

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