Why Young People Like TG F3 Electric Unicycle

TG F3 electric unicycle

Nowadays, more and more young people like TG F3 electric unicycle, and it becomes a fashion trend to ride the unicycle. According to researches and interviews, this tg unicycle becomes popular among the young because of its own specialties, which will be illustrated in the following in details.

This tg unicycle is made of super magnetic levitation motor, wear-resisting silicone, aviation aluminum pedal and anti-skid tire. It is the smallest, most convenient and low-carbon vehicle. This unicycle is the most portable vehicle with a built-in carrying handle whose weight is only 10kg that you can easy to carry it on the bus or subway. With small size design, it cannot take up any more space than a briefcase.

This TG F3 electric unicycle is quite useful and helpful. The maximum load is about 120kg, suitable for the majority of people. The maximum speed of this unicycle can reach about 18kmm per hours. The mileage is around 15 to 18 km, depending on rider’ s weight, road conditions and so on.  

This tg unicycle is multi-functional and practical for use. It has tilt protection, and the solo wheel will stop working when tilt above 45 degree. It also has speed protection, and it will start alerting and automatically slow down if above 12km per hour. Except that, this unicycle has low battery protection. When the battery is lower than 10 percent, this unicycle will slow down and finally stop working.  

After knowing about its specialties, you can have a clear mind of how excellent and great this TG F3 electric unicycle actually is, and you can also understand why so many young people like it clearly. This unicycle is really advanced, functional and practical, and it is a good and worthwhile product for young people to have no matter it is for school, work or entertainment.

TG F3 electric unicycle 

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