Why Is Smart Solar Lights For Electric Unicycle So Attractive

Recently, I am attracted by smart solar lights for electric unicycle, which are extremely colorful and eye-catching, attracting my whole attention at the first sight. Those lights are so attractive because of their delicate designs, excellent lighting performance and great function, which will be explained in the following in details.  

smart solar lights for electric unicycle

Size: 22*2*1.8CM
Weight: 50g
Power supply: solar power
Shell color: silver, gold
Light color: blue, white, red, yellow, green, purple(you can manual switch the color you like or let it automatically flash in all colors)

smart solar lights for electric unicycle

Eight kinds of lighting modes
Intelligent control system
Simple and convenient, waterproof

smart solar lights for electric unicycle

Solar charging, lithium power storage, free wiring, maintenance-free, efficient and environmentally friendly
Reducing the drag coefficient to avoid scratching
Traffic alert to prevent accidents

By now, you can understand why this smart solar lights for electric unicycle are so attractive from the above easily and clearly. If you are searching for lights for your electric unicycle, those smart solar lights are definitely your top choices.


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