Which One Is Better? IPS I100 VS IPS I200

Today, I’ d like to do comparison between IPS I100 and IPS I200, both of which are the basic high quality products of the famous brand of self balancing electric unicycle, IPS. The passage will focus on its appearance and specification comparison, allowing you to see which one is better.  

Appearance comparison

The former is IPS I100, and the later is IPS I200. It is obvious that both of the electric unicycles look the same, quite delicate and cool.  

Specification comparison

IPS I100


IPS I100

According to the above data, it is quite clear that IPS I100 and IPS I200 have the same size, same maximum uphill angle and same suitable temperature. However, IPS I100 is lighter than IPS I200. IPS I200 has supports more load, faster than IPS I100. IPS I200 also has more mileage than IPS100. While, IPS I100 demands less charging time.

After comparison, both IPS I100 and IPS I200 have their own advantages and disadvantages. Considering weight and charging time, IPS I100 is better. In terms of performance, IPS I200 is undoubtedly better. Based on the above information, it is hoped that you can find the most suitable one for yourself.  


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