What Will Self Balancing Electric Vehicle Be Like In 2015?

Throughout the self balancing electric vehicle market in 2014, it is all about price and market promotion. In the promotion, good brand occupies a large part of the market. In addition, cheap products occupy a large proportion of market. Self balancing electric vehicle, after a whole year of propaganda in 2014, is well known the public and accepted by more and more people. A large group of the users buy and use it temporarily because of its cheap price, and this group is the first group of players. But, when they are familiar with the using of the electric vehicle, they gradually have higher requirements on performance, such as range, speed, uphill and so on. But, security will become their first consideration, and this is the reason why they need new electric vehicle.

At present, this industry is in the period of good and bad mixed up, which is a turning point of the industry and is also the time for industry reshuffle. In this era, it is a rule to select the superior and eliminate the inferior. Some unlicensed products and inferior brands will be eliminated in the upcoming 2015.

2015 will be a new era of competition on performance, quality and public praise. Perhaps, price may be slightly increased. After all, under no price protection, it can not use reliable quality regular parts produced by producers, and it can not produce products with enough security and meet the needs of performance, range, speed and so on.

In 2015, self balancing electric vehicle will certainly develop high-end products on the market. IPS is ready enough to meet a new round of challenges in 2015. It is hoped that more and more people accept the self balancing electric vehicle, and it has a new starting point and a promising future.

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