What Is Self Balancing Unicycle

Self balancing unicycle is a new generation of energy-saving, environmental-protecting portable tool, and it is the evolution of the traditional unicycle, mainly using gyroscope sensor to control balance and high power motor drive to get very good momentum. The users put feet respectively on the pedals of the wheel, gently leaning forward for moving on, backward tilting for slowing down, leaning to the left and right for turning. The more the body leans forward, the faster the speed is. A series of gyroscopes of the unicycle can ensure that it can keep balance well.

Self balancing unicycle generally charges 1 to 2 hours, and it can travel around 20 km, generally at the speed of 16 km/h. Short walking is very convenient and can substitute for bus and subway. As the unicycle is small and easy to carry, you can directly put it into the trunk of the car, carry it to home or office easily and conveniently.
Self Balancing Unicycle
Under the background of the increasingly serious environmental pollution, self balancing unicycle, as a new type of environmental protection transportation, can effectively reduce the consumption of resources and air pollution.

Self balancing unicycle, as a new kind of walking tool, can serve as a way of leisure sports, such as ice skating, skateboarding, and so on. This unicycle also can make a lot of cool action, and it can also exercise your body for coordination and flexibility.at present, there are three major brands, including the SOLOWHEEL, IPS, AIRWHEEL. Two of them are domestic brands with high performance, and their latest products are IPS F400, AIRWHEEL X3. Former one is imported from the United States, and it can be said to be the big international brand, having won many awards for high-tech materials and the most reliable quality.

Self balancing unicycle is suitable for many occasions. For collecting the tickets at the airport or registering luggage, the unicycle can save you a lot of trouble. If traffic jams, parking, environment pollution is bothering you every day, this unicycle can solve those problems for you. For white collars, the unicycle can save a lot of time on the way to work for more valuable things.
Self Balancing Unicycle
For mall shopping, this unicycle is also useful and helpful as the market is bigger and more functional. With the assistance of the unicycle, you can enjoy shopping in stores more comfortably. Except that, you can also use for strolling in the park. Especially on weekends, riding and walking in park can help you to eliminate the pressure of work. Besides, this unicycle is a good equipment for you to have for school life. On college campuses, you need to go to class every day, go to the dining room and some other far away places. If you use the unicycle, it can allow you to have more time to sleep. At night, you can also go a few rounds in the field and do a few stylish sports to attract the eyes of others.

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