What Is Self Balancing Electric Vehicle?

Self balancing electric vehicle, a fashionable and trendy short-distance transport, has attracted the social public’ s attention. Many young people choose this new product for fun. But, there is a big problem. When you search the key word, there will be millions of products jumping out at you all of a sudden. How can you choose? As the leading enterprise of self balancing electric vehicle with market share far ahead, IPS will clearly explain what the self balancing electric vehicle really is on earth to you.

There may be some people not knowing what the self balancing electric vehicle is. In fact, it is also called vehicle instead of walking, thinking vehicle or electric balance vehicle. Literally, this electric vehicle is controlled by human body to keep balance. Its origin can be traced to 1999 when Dean Carmen’ s DEKA combines with American large medical equipment manufacturer Johnson’ s subsidiary to form an independent scientific and technological cooperation. At that time, it is called the iBOT. Design inspiration comes from human upright walking posture, combining precision electric motor and gyro to promote the concept of dynamic stability. Later, on the basis of these, there is the birth of the world’ s first self balancing electric vehicle.

Then, let’ s see what its specific uses are. Actually, self balancing electric vehicle is designed to replace people’ s legs. Where people can go with both feet, this electric vehicle can also go. It can be defined as an emerging short-distance transport. After all, it can solve the last kilometer problem for people in daily travel. It can also be defined as an emerging entertainment tool, just like riding a bike at ordinary times. For daily entertainment and fitness, this electric vehicle is really an excellent equipment for you to possess.

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