What Is New TG-F5 Electric Unicycle Really Like

Recently, a new model of TG electric unicycle appears on the market, named TG-F5 electric unicycle. This new electric unicycle is well-designed to be more fashionable and excellent, attracting my whole attention at the first sight. To know what this new one is really like clearly, you can continue reading, and the following will display it to you in details.  

Two kinds of colors for option

TG F5 Two kinds of colors for option

ABS engineering plastics shell

TG F5 ABS engineering plastics shell

Ergonomics handlebar design

TG F5 Ergonomics handlebar design

Charging mount hat

TG F5 Charging mount hat

Aerial aluminum alloy pedal

TG F5 Aerial aluminum alloy pedal

One button to turn on or off

TG F5 One button to turn on or off

Fine natural rubber tires

TG F5 Fine natural rubber tires

Colorful light

TG F5 Colorful light

By now, you can see what this new TG F5 electric unicycle is really like clearly from the above. This new one is quite different from the ordinary electric unicycles, far more cool and fashionable. If you are searching for new fashionable electric unicycle, this TG-F5 is definitely a good choice for you to have. 

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