What is a good brand of electric unicycle? IPS vs Airwheel vs Solowheel

Self-balancing unicycle because of its environmentally friendly, compact and convenient, quickly became a young pet, in the major cities has become a beautiful landscape. Currently self-balancing electric unicycle has three brands, have their own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, and many young people are ready to make the shot undecided, do not know which brand to buy good. We focus primarily on price and quality, as well as safety performance.

All three are designed to look very own characteristics. From the color point of view, there are three basic brand of black and white, while the IPS there are blue and red, the message’s choice points. In form and design point of view, three very different, just modify the color and certain parts, but also nothing to say, whether the appearance of beautiful, look at personal feeling, tofu greens all have love. In size, IPS I500 498 * 144 * 415mm, airwheel long high 450mm * 395mm, soloweel for 432 * 326 * 483mm, easy collection from speaking, solowheel minimum easiest place. In weight, AIRWHEEL is the lightest, portability and Yu unknown.
electric unicycle
Appearance score:

IPS ★★★★

airwheel ★★★ ☆solowheel ★★★☆

Self-balancing unicycle main performance comparison of battery capacity, mileage, maximum load and other aspects. In fact, we selected IPS I500 their latest products for comparison:

Compare the following table we can clearly see, the battery capacity, Mileage two indicators IPS I500 can stand out, have obvious advantages. In the maximum load, the basic correlation is not very big, AIRWHEEL X3 slightly ahead. To illustrate a few points here, in a maximum mileage in, AIRWHEEL clear that at the time of load-bearing 65KG to reach 15KM, the other two brands did not specify, but small series access to relevant information, load the car around 100kg, 10Wh of battery capacity probably about life 1km. In fact, in actual use, due to the road conditions are not the same, not the same load, mileage data are biased. Still another is to say, no one will continuously go shin with this thing …… the larger battery capacity of tens of kilometers, the greater endurance, maximum number of charge cycles is clearly reduced.

Performance Configuration IPS I500 AIRWHEEL X3 solowheel
Battery capacity 400WH 88.8WH 122WH
Mileage 40KM 12-15KM 16KM
Maximum load 100KG 120KG 113KG

Performance score:

IPS ★★★★★

airwheel ★★★ ☆

solowheel ★★★★

Comparative work detail

IPS self-balancing unicycle, the body uses the ABS material, ABS is one of the five synthetic resin, its impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance and excellent electrical performance. In addition, a body also uses advanced paint technology, allowing the car to reveal the sense of quality. Body parts are made of metal material part, enhanced wear resistance, the ability to engage in combat.

AIRWHEEL body using advanced PC material, high impact strength, flame retardant, wear resistance and oxidation resistance, pedal aviation aluminum, high strength, wide, suitable for foot structure, more comfortable ride.

NPC-ISO solowheel fuselage using high-tech nano materials, wear stabilize never deformation, red silicone shin pads, ergonomic design, more fit legs. The tires using natural rubber tires, either grip or filter damping is very good. And IPS self-balancing unicycle, the main body part have adopted the baking process, part of the metal material.

I think in terms of materials and workmanship are three very good, but you really want to elect one of the best, I think it is solowheel, because the technology content of the material it uses more advanced.

Work Score:

IPS ★★★★☆

airwheel ★★★ ☆ solowheel ★★★★★

To compare the prices and sales
In terms of price, the three big difference, such as IPS latest I500 is $770 , with basically the same configuration AIRWHEEL X3 IPS103 $300, while the X3 side for $450, solowheel amazing price reached $2600, you’re not wrong this price is a little pit father …. that is why?

The difference in price is directly reflected in the sales statistics on a monthly sales platform sales data, AIRWHEEL X3 with its higher price 30 days to sell 351, IPS F400 30 days sold 94, but only SOLOWHEEL poor sales gained 13 months, but such a high price, or let him gain a higher profit

Price and volume score:

IPS ★★★★ airwheel ★★★★★ solowheel ★★★

Comparison of user satisfaction

User satisfaction scores:

IPS ★★★★☆

airwheel ★★★★ solowheel ★★★★

Summary: This three brands as opening said, all the features in each one on the score, the three are less, in a one on there will always be an excellent one. IPS and AIRWHEEL its good work, there is a very good configuration or price advantage gained most consumers, the other hand, self-balancing unicycle giant solowheel, due to its high price, so a lot of people off, but not it does not recognize the use of lead in the high-tech, work materials and ergonomics.

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