What A Unique And Innovative Landski 14 Wheels Skateboard

Have you ever seen 14 wheels skateboard? If not, here is an example for you, that is Landski 14 wheels skateboard. This skateboard is unique and innovative, having 14 wheels, completely different from the ordinary skateboard. If you are curious about this unique and innovative skateboard, you can read the following for more information about it.  

Landski 14 wheels skateboard

Type: 14 wheels flowboard
Material: 7 level maple, aluminum alloy caster
Weight: 3.2kg
Size: 81.6×25.1×11.5cm
Wheel size: 64*24mm high elastic PU wheel
Max load: 100kg
Bearing: ABCE-608ZZ
Color: as picture shown

Landski 14 wheels skateboard

General skateboard spent only 25 bends, but it can be bent through 45, more flexible than ordinary skateboard. You can make a variety of different angles glide, change more different kinds of play.
It is more flexible, faster, smoother and stronger than regular skateboards.

Landski 14 wheels skateboard

With smooth and soft glide, you can also enjoy the same thrill like surfing and skiing in the land. It warmly welcomed by surfing, skiing, skateboarding, roller skating enthusiasts.
It can exercise the arm, waist and leg, and adjusting your body balance.
It is unique and innovative with more tricks. Having it, you can be a member of fashionable family.

It is easy to see from the above that this Landski 14 wheels skateboard is really unique and innovative. No matter it is for fun or exercise, this skateboard is definitely a good equipment for you to possess.

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