Waterproof 14-inch Single Wheel IPS I260 Electric Unicycle

IPS I260 electric unicycle is a water-repellent 14-inch single wheel self balancing electric unicycle with IP65 rank. This electric unicycle can be used regardless of the weather conditions. No matter it is rainy or not, this unicycle can still work for you. To know more details about this waterproof 14-inch one wheel electric unicycle, you can read the following.   
IPS I260 Electric Unicycle
This one wheel electric scooter is 382mm in length,168mm in width and 481mm in height, only weighing 10.5kg. Applying ABS and aluminum alloy materials, this electric scooter is super durable and sturdy for practical use.
IPS I260 Electric Scooter
This IPS I260 electric unicycle has five kinds of colors for selection, namely white, blue, orange, black and red. You can choose the color you like most while purchasing since there are options available for you.
IPS I260 Self Balancing Electric Unicycle
This IPS electric unicycle features six shields, that is sine wave control, unique self balancing system, intelligent brownouts, high performance processor, lights and speed alarm, making it more advanced and practical for use.  
IPS I260 Self Balancing Unicycle
This IPS I260 owns 260Wh large capacity chargeable battery and 800W powerful motor to support 30km mileage range. With built-in smart chip, it is easy to maintain balance. Intelligent protection function can provide you the best protection.

It is quite clear from the above that this waterproof 14-inch single wheel IPS I260 electric unicycle is a super advanced and excellent electric scooter. If you need a waterproof high quality electric unicycle, this IPS I260 is absolutely your top choice.   

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