Viofo A129 Pro Duo 4K dash cam review


Viofo is a China-based dash cam maker that have had gigantic triumphs with their A119 and A119S models. Presently they’ve unveiled a moderately cost effort double-channel run cam, relevantly named A129 Duo. How about we see if this gadget can possibly become as well known as the single-channel models.

Viofo A129

The Design and Build

On the outside, Viofo has sustained its trademark wedge shape. This is a well-known structure factor for dashboard cameras, as it makes for an unconstructive and stealthy design. Gone are the times of an enormous suction cup mount standing out in contrast to everything else from the windshield.

Assemble quality is acceptable, and the design of control catches has been reworked for the A129. There are five buttons, arranged in succession: Menu button, a button for the record, button for bock File (somewhat bigger than the others), trailed by Picture-In-Picture (PIP) and mute keys. Three LEDs demonstrate recording, mouthpiece statuses, and Wi-Fi.

Pressing the Menu key for long activates or deactivates the camera (power button), and pressing the PIP button down for long serves to flip Wi-Fi.

While the back camera looks equivalent to the Aukey DR02’s, that is just its outside appearance. The equipment utilized inside is very surprising. For instance, the Viofo A129 Duo is the primary dash cam that utilizes a SONY STARVIS IMX291 sensor for the back camera.

Truth be told, the front and back cameras really utilize indistinguishable lenses and sensors. Most other scramble cams utilize second rate equipment for the back camera.

 Video Quality

With respect to the nature of video film it records, the A129 Duo performs about equivalent to other two-way run cams in its cost range. While its video isn’t as sharp as what top of the line run cams like those by Street Guardian and BlackVue produce, the A129 records preferable video around night time over most other double dash cams beneath $200.

Bit rates stand at 16.5 Mbps for both the front and back video streams. A 128 GB card will give you somewhat more than 8 hours of continuous account time. The most extreme bolstered card size is 256 GB.

Basic Parking Mode

On the off chance that you buy a hard-wire unit (additionally accessible independently) and connect the camera to the vehicle’s wire box, you have a few alternatives for recording while the vehicle is left. One choice is time-pass recording, and the other is to capture at a lower bit rate (decreasing video quality).

On the off chance that an occasion is detected by the camera’s G-sensor or by visual movement detection, the A129 will activate and begin to record regularly. Right now, however, wake-up time is around 4 or 5 seconds, during which nothing will be recorded.

Other Features

A GPS receiver is incorporated with the mount of the camera (which is in reality to a greater degree a section that sticks discreetly and firm to your windshield). While GPS is marked as optional, right now we have just seen a GPS variant of this camera offered available to be purchased.

A CPL channel is accessible independently for this camera, to decrease reflections.

The A129 is compatible with Wi-Fi, either at 2.4 or at 5GHz. Free applications are accessible for iOS and Android devices.

There is by all accounts an issue with the camera’s Wi-Fi as of now. In the event that your telephone associates with the A129’s passageway yet doesn’t appear to interface with the camera, you’ll have to kill your telephone’s versatile information.

The A129 Duo is one of the main dash cams to include a remote lock document button that works through Bluetooth. The remote catch costs around $20 and accompanies two batteries included (one of them is a substitution, for when the first runs out). You can simply put the catch inside simple reach close to the directing haggle it at whatever point something happens that you’d prefer to keep the video of.


The A129 Duo is an exceptionally solid, double channel dash cam that records 1080p, the two different ways. Generally speaking, video quality is acceptable. At this quality dash-cam is sold for $176.78

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