Unicycle Solar Power Warning Taillight For Safe Riding

Today, I’ d like to introduce you a useful and helpful electric unicycle accessory, called unicycle solar power warning taillight. This taillight plays an important role in safe riding, and it is necessary and indispensable for your unicycle night riding. To know more details about this taillight, you can read the following.  
Unicycle Solar Power Warning Taillight
The appearance color of the taillight is black and red. Its clamp diameter is 28 to 30mm, and the tail light size is 6.8*5.6cm. It can be mounted on the unicycle pull rod and handle. With press style switch, this taillight is easy to operate.
Unicycle Solar Power Warning Taillight-1
This unicycle solar power warning taillight has 2 LEDs. The light color is red. There are three modes, namely quick flash, slow flash and constant. This taillight is solar powered, and thus, there is no need to worry about running out of energy. Just 2 hours of charge in the sunshine, this taillight will offer 4 hours of constant light and 8 hours in flash mode.
Unicycle Solar Power Warning Taillight-2
If used, this taillight can add an environmentally-friendly glow to the unicycle as it is solar powered. What’ s more, this taillight can warn us to keep a safe distance, particularly at night, which can ensure safety while riding electric unicycle.  

In a word, for safe riding, getting unicycle solar power warning taillight for your electric unicycle is a good suggestion. With this taillight on, your riding must be safer and securer.  

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