Unicycle LED Warning Lights For Safe Riding Of Electric Scooter

Today, I am going to show you some useful and helpful lights for your electric scooter, called unicycle LED warning lights. Those lights can do you great favor on safe riding. Besides, those lights are colorful and beautiful, making your electric scooter more attractive and eye-catching. To know more details of those lights, you can read the following.
Unicycle LED Warning Lights
Materials: silicone
Weight: 30g
Shell color: red, green, back, white, blue and yellow
Light color: colorful
Unicycle LED Warning Lights-1
Powered by 2 CR2032 batteries
Switch on the transparent lampshade, pressing the lampshade, the light turned on
Unicycle LED Warning Lights-2
Two modes for you to choose, that is quick flashing and slow flashing
Unicycle LED Warning Lights-3
Pattern style lampshade, effectively extending vision, expanding warning scope and guaranteeing the safe riding at night

After knowing the above detailed information, you can easily understand how excellent and practical those unicycle LED warning lights actually are clearly. No matter it is for decoration or safety, those lights are undoubtedly worthwhile and beneficial for you to have.

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