Travel History: From The Feet To Electric Unicycle

The appearance of electric unicycle marks that human travel tool for the first time realizes physical control, which seems to appear only in science fiction. And now, it has entered people’ s daily life.

Electric unicycle is a new change in human travel vicissitudes. It is reported that 2 million years ago, humans walked out of Africa with their feet, went through the land bridge and reached Eurasia. So, the feet can be called the earliest human means of transportation. Around 5500 years ago, humans began to domesticate horses, and horses enabled humans to go further.

After the industrial revolution, human beings invented the train, and there was a quick and comfortable way to travel. And the birth of the car, is the development of engine technology, from the engine of the train to a smaller size, higher power internal combustion engine. Now, the lack of energy and the deterioration of environment make the electric unicycle, a clean pollution-free personal transport, on the stage of history.

Airwheel Electric Unicycling

Electric unicycle shows great difference in many ways, such as cycling way. Electric unicycle is standing to ride, and reviewing past means of transportation, mostly in sitting position. Of course, it is more comfortable to sit. But considering modern people’ s living conditions, they are already sitting too much and exercising too little. As a result, in the way of travel, standing to riding electric unicycle can meet the needs of modern people, good for their health.

In addition to the need of standing, when riding electric unicycle, you also need to constantly adjust your body, as the unicycle is controlled by your body center gravity. In order to realize the forward, accelerating, backward, slow down and turn control, you should adjust your body forward, backward, left or right, which can exercise your body in the cycling and make fitness tasks completed imperceptibly.

If horses and chariots enable human to conquest the land, ship to conquer the oceans, the plane to conquer the sky, the electric unicycle is to make people overcome the contradiction between environment and travel, allowing people to travel freely and at the same time, protect the natural environment from destroy.

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