Top Seller Of Electric Unicycle: TG-T3 Electric Unicycle

Today, I’ d like to show you the top seller of electric unicycle, named TG-T3 electric unicycle. This electric unicycle has multiple colors for option, high quality, high performance and low price, making it extremely popular and famous on the fiercely competitive market. And now, let’s have a close look at it in the following in details.  

Multiple colors for option
TG-T3 Electric Unicycle
This electric unicycle has various colors for option, such as black, blue, red, white and yellow. You can choose your favorite while purchasing.   

High quality
TG-T3 Electric Unicycle-1

High performance
TG-T3 Electric Unicycle-2
Max speed: 18km/h(start warning at 12km/h)
Mileage: around 11-12km(depends on rider’s weight, road conditions etc)
Max tilt: around 15°-30°(depends on rider’s weight)
Battery: 132Wh Samsung Lithium- polymer battery()
Using temperature: -10℃-40℃(recommending at 10℃-30℃)
Max load: 120kg
Charging voltage: AC110~240V,50-60HZ
Charging time: around 45-60mins (30mins to 80%)

Low price
TG-T3 Electric Unicycle-3
This electric unicycle only costs $299.99 on Banggood, and it is the cheapest that I have ever seen.

According to the above information, you can have a general knowledge of this TG-T3 electric unicycle from the above. It is obvious that this electric unicycle is a high quality, high performance and low price product. It is no wonder that this electric unicycle has good sales.

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