TG M3 Electric Unicycle: Revolution For Transportation

TG M3 Electric Unicycle: Revolution For Transportation

The hot topic recently is about the TG M3 electric unicycle, which is a popular and famous electric self balancing unicycle. You can see it everywhere on the road. This unicycle show a revolution for transportation, capable of ease the traffic congestion. And now, let’ s talk about it in the following together to see how excellent and practical this tg unicycle actually is in details.

This tg unicycle is a self balancing single wheeled electric drive high tech vehicle. It is a revolutionary for personal transportation. This electric unicycle is composed of super magnetic levitation motor, wear-resisting silicone, aviation aluminum pedal and anti-skid tire. It is the smallest, most convenient and low-carbon vehicle. With small size design, it cannot take up any more space than a briefcase.
This TG M3 electric unicycle has build-in intelligent balancing chip to maintain balance. It also has built-in 350W electric motor to allow it travel 18km/h, and it only take 30 minutes to charge 80 percent energy. This electric unicycle can reach up to 18km/h and travel 10km on a fully charged battery. It has low battery protection, speed control and tilting protection, ensuring you to have a safe and wonderful riding.

This tg unicycle is the most portable vehicle with a built-in carrying handle whose weight is only 10kg that you can easy to carry it on the bus or subway. Riding this electric unicycle, you’ ll never miss any date nor deadline. With simple operation and sufficient battery range, you are free to enjoy portable and pleasant life.

It is quite clear from the above that this TG M3 electric unicycle is really excellent and practical for better transportation. This revolution of transportation is fairly amazing and remarkable, and the unicycle is surely useful and helpful for solving the problem of traffic jam. It makes sense that this unicycle becomes a hot topic.
 TG M3 Electric Unicycle: Revolution For Transportation

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