The LAOTIE ES18 60V 31.2Ah 2800W*2 Foldable Electric Scooter

The LAOTIE ES18 seems to be one of the more popular series of LAOTIE scooters as we will see that there are already three products within the series: the ES18, ES18P, and ES18 Lite. There’s no difference within the design of those three products; the difference is within the motor’s wattage size and battery life.


Design and Display

It has 2800W dual engines, thus reaching 5600W Motor. This electric scooter is thick, with a small wheel diameter of 10 inches. The inflatable front tire is however cushioning and the solid rear tire is explosion-proof and wear-resistant enhancing durability.

With its Foldable design, detachable handle, the whole car weighs 54kg. The internal wiring design is relatively simple, with foot control acceleration/braking, kinetic energy recovery system, and brake tail light, with an endurance of about 100km, a maximum speed of 80km/h, and a maximum load of about 200kg.

LAOTIE ES18 is made of high-strength aviation aluminium alloy bent frame, which has high strength, lightweight and fashionable appearance. The parking bracket with the embedded hidden design is fashionable, exquisite, and full of aesthetic feeling.


The LAOTIE ES18 is additionally excellent. We will fold it up, and it’s like it’s instantly smaller and may be easily put within the trunk of the car. It is safer for adults to use it. After all, it can reach speeds of up to 75 km/h, which means it will be necessary to wear a helmet to be safe. However, it’s worth mentioning that it’s an advanced braking system, with Dual Oil brake and electronic brake.


The softness of the ride has been greatly improved, also because of the shock absorption. The shock absorbers are now adjustable. There’s also a seat, which you can remove from the platform if you would like. Since it can easily handle up to 200kg, adults of any age and physical shape can ride it.


The LAOTIE ES18  Scooter is powered by a large lithium battery. Which, has 8-10 hours charging time providing the scooter with a range of 100km mileage with each load. Its battery efficiency only means that it has an increased variance.

It is safe to conclude that,

Laotie ES18 Electric Scooter is indeed convenient and smart-compact. It has a reasonable range, excellent performance, and unique bonus features. And all this at a pretty decent price.


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