The LAOTIE ES10 Full Review

Have you ever been stuck in traffic especially on a busy day? With the development of cities and the growth of the population, it seems like an inevitable situation and has become the norm. However, having a convenient means of transportation is especially necessary. Foldable electric scooters have become more and more popular among people on the go! The LAOTIE ES10 is one of the foldable electric scooters that are perfect for commuting and running errands.



The design of this amazing ride is a Folding Electric Scooter support, tiny but harmonize, custom made LED display combined fashion and technology. The electric scooter adopts a high-strength light aviation aluminum iron alloy integrated bent frame that holds the display bar that consists of the yarn enclosure lamp, LED instrument panel, and speedometer.

It comes with a rear and front shock absorption spring. This comes in handy when cushioning the bumps when riding. The 10-inch diameter ires give it a classy look while still offering comfort and stability on both rough and smooth roads. They are anti-slip on slippery grounds thus giving safety assurance by offering great shock absorption.


The most reliable thing about LAOTIE ES10 is that it has great power efficiency and endurance. With a 2000W twin-engine, 23.4Ah 52V battery, 5-8 hours charging life, and a maximum speed of 70KM/H that can last a good 80km, it is a monster among all scooters.


The scooter is capable of folding and unfolding through one click, either your foot or your hand can do that. Its Net weight is about 32kg, no need to worry when you need to drag it or carry it as it is relatively light and portable.


This 2000w dual-motor electric scooter comes with a 70km/h maximum speed that makes it able to ascend a 35 degrees hill. As we all know, Speed comes with reliable breaks. This beauty comes with a double braking system. The oil brake and the EBS electric break. This guarantees efficiency in case of an emergency as they are fast to respond and require low maintenance.


It is generally a very solid structure, it has good tires, and the autonomy is around 50 km. If or when you need some boost for a fast start, use both motors, good brakes and the front light is bright, its shock absorbers work perfectly, overall. The scooter is a beast. PERFECT.

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