The Fiido M1 pro Fat Bike Full Review

Fiido is a Chinese technology brand. The company is committed on creating affordable and high-quality electric bicycles and has launched four sets of different models to meet everyone’s needs. Recently, Fiido announced the launch of the new M series for sports and officially launched the first product in the series, the Fiido M1. It is the best in its category and we will tell you why in this article;

Fiido M1 pro


When folded, the M1 measures 960x790x450mm. It is made from high strength Aluminum

Alloy which is rust free; the body supports Folding in half, which is suitable for most of the cars backup carriages. Both the handlebars and pedals fold, and there’s a built-in stand beneath the crank which keeps the bike upright when folded.


The FIIDO M1 pro do doesn’t specify much about the rest of the system, but one noticeable drawback is that it uses a cadence sensor rather than a torque sensor. This only means that power delivery is much jerkier and less natural.

The M1 has its speed limited programmed to 15.5mph / 25km/h but it can also go up to 19mph /

31km/h when you restrict it for off-road use. The beast bike has Lower Power Consumption,

20% Stronger Endurance, and a Larger Starting Torque Meet Your Diverse Cycling Needs


Its built-in detachable rechargeable lithium battery, with a large battery capacity of 12.5 mah at most, with a long endurance. The downside of the larger battery is the long charging time of 7-9 hours. On the plus side, the FIIDO M1 battery is detachable, so you will not need to carry the whole e-bike next to a power socket. You can disconnect the battery from the ebike and bring it to charge easily.

Road test

The FIIDO M1 travel range operates on Pure Electric mode is 45-65 km. Having in mind its Fat tires, this FIIDO M1 ability to cover a long distance only by electricity is simply mind-blowing. The 8 front and rear double disc brake ensure bikes braking distance are reduced adding to the safety of the ride


The extra weight over a lot of other electric bikes isn’t a problem as the motor has enough power to cope with it. Supremely good fun to ride off-road not necessarily for actual mountain biking, but for woodland trails and any surface that isn’t tarmac. If you want a bike mainly for road riding, there is a variety to choose from.

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