TG F3 350W Electric Wheelbarrow Unicycle 264Wh



Built-in 264Wh Samsung lithium battery and it only take 45 minutes to charge 80% energy
After fully charge, the wheel can travel around 30-35km(depends on rider’s weight, road conditions etc)
It can reach up to maximum speed 18km/h
With rated power 350W

Reason to buy:
Excellent tool to go work, school, date and so on
Perfectlly finish the “the last 1km” after coming out from the metro
The best way for you to travel in the heavy traffic
Self-balancing unicycle is the smallest, most convenient and low-carbon vehicle
It is the most portable vehicle with a built-in carrying handle whose
weight is only 10kg that you can easy to carry it on the bus or subway
Self-balancing unicycle is composed of super magnetic levitation motor,
wear-resisting silicone, aviation aluminum pedal and wear and antiskid

Self balancing gyroscope, automatic correction:
1. Fall Back: Body lean back
2. Static: Body upright
3. Forward: Body forward


TG F3 350W Electric Unicycle Specification

TG F3 350W Electric Unicycle

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