TG F1 Electric Scooter Review

Recently, a new electric scooter appears on the market, named TG F1 electric scooter. This scooter is smart and practical for transportation, entertainment, and even exercise. Thus, I get it for myself, and it turns to be great and amazing. And now, I’ d like to share it with you in the following.

TG F1 Electric Scooter

This electric scooter has suitable size. It is 59*32*32cm in carbody and 96*9*34cm in armrest. Its tire diameter is 19cm. This TG electric scooter is 13kg in net weight, supporting maximum load 120kg. Because of its suitable size and lightweight, I can take it anywhere I want. I am slim, not over 120kg. So, this TG F1 fits me well.

TG F1 Scooter

This TG F1 is a battery powered two wheels electric scooter, featuring electric motor and self balancing. It is an ideal and advanced travel tool in an extremely crowded city because of its small size, reliable security and unique driving technology.

TG F1 Two Wheels Electric Scooter

The handle bar of this TG F1 electric scooter is adjustable, and I can adjust it according to my height, quite comfortable and pleasant to use. It has fashionable industrial design, extremely popular as an individual travel tool on non-roadway and low-speed roadway. Used on road, this electric scooter can run about 20km/hour. Its maximum mileage can reach 25km.


Built-in 36V 5.38Ah lithium battery provides the power the electric unicycle needs for operation, and the battery lifetime is charging-discharging 2500 times.

TG F1 Two Wheels

With fast lithium charger, once full charging only demands 1.5 hours. After a short period of charging, I can apply it for transport, entertainment or exercise to the fullest.

In a word, this new TG F1 electric scooter is an excellent and great electric scooter, and it works well for me. If you need a electric scooter, I suggest you to get this newest one for yourself.

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