Speed Revolution: IPS Upgraded Electric Unicycles

In the summer of 2015, the domestic electric unicycle leading brand IPS will conduct a comprehensive upgrade of its products, to bring us a better riding experience. It is reported that after upgrading, the top speed of IPS electric unicycle will reach 30km/h, with faster, more stable and other characteristics.

Science and technology change life. With the rapid development of modern science and technology, more and more novelty jumps out, coming into our lives. It has been several year after electric unicycle appears. Its emergence not only changes the way people travel and brings us convenience. At the same time, the emergence of electric unicycle fans adds more definition for it. With domestic electric unicycle technology becoming mature, we also have more requirements on its performance. As the leading brand of domestic electric unicycle, IPS follows the pace of the times, conducting a comprehensive upgrade of its products.
IPS Electric Unicycle
The upgrade has adopted a new motor and super rare earth magnets, with magnetic power increased by 30%, making electric unicycle have stronger power. IPS existing models have top speed at 20km/h, and this upgrade can raise its top speed more than 50%, in order to provide a more comfortable ride experience for all players.

More stable
The security of electric unicycle has been the problem that is worth great attention. Except for IPS speeding, this upgrade, at the same time, gives full consideration to the problem. The new updated version motor, under high speed, can still provide enough strong torque safeguard. High-strength ABS shell, after the test, can withstand various kinds of impact.

More functional
In addition to original IPS higher-end models XIMA LHOTZ, all models are adopted IPS V4.3 system, Bluetooth 4.0 technology and intelligent APP in the process of this upgrade. Since then, the rider can easily know various aspects about a number of cycling, battery, power off reminding and so on. The rider can conveniently control it can virtually experience the intelligent charm of science and technology.

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