Special DIY Skills For Cool Ninebot Modification

Among all the Ninebot self balancing electric scooter players, in addition to riding masters, there are a group of people who are fond of innovation and good at DIY modification. The same car, after their modification, can have a different cool modelling. And now, let’ s have a close look at those cool DIY modified electric scooters together in the following in details.

DIY Skills For Cool Ninebot

The DIYs of friends from London, camouflage shell model and pure black edition Ninebot One, are really cool and amazing. 

DIY Skills For Cool Ninebot-1

Indonesia player installed lights and tail lights on Ninebot One, making it more convenient for night riding.

DIY Skills For Cool Ninebot-2
American players’ DIY modifications are really handsome, covered with the stars and stripes and large color area. Riding it out must be cool and awesome.

DIY Skills For Cool Ninebot-3
DIY modification masters from South Korea apply Transformers’ hub, foot control rod, as well as the pedals light, resulting in fantastic and remarkable product. You will love it at the first sight.

DIY Skills For Cool Ninebot-4

DIY Skills For Cool Ninebot-5

This electric scooter can also be equipped with the color that matches with your clothes. The violet Ninebot One is really romantic.

DIY Skills For Cool Ninebot-6

DIY Skills For Cool Ninebot-7

DIY Skills For Cool Ninebot-8

Iron Man version Ninebot One, DIY by Thai players, has the overall color which matches with the Iron Man helmet.

DIY Skills For Cool Ninebot-9

In addition to those DIY modification, Taiwan players have special and unique ideas on Ninebot shell.
DIY Skills For Cool Ninebot-10
It is not hard to find that Ninebot players have many DIY modification masters. If you also want to compete with them, you are welcomed to share with us.

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