Special And Unique Eprocool Canada Maple Wood Skateboard

Today, I’ d like to share a special and unique skateboard with you, named Eprocool Canada maple wood skateboard. This skateboard is different from the ordinary, and it is a wood skateboard, vary close close to nature. If you are curious about this special wood skateboard, you can continue reading, and the following will introduce it to you clearly.  
Eprocool Canada Maple Wood Skateboard
This skateboard is 79cm in length, 20cm in width and 10cm in height, net weighing 2330g. Constructed with maple deck and aluminum alloy wheel, this skateboard is quite impressive and amazing.
Eprocool Canada Maple Wood Skateboard-1
9 layers Canadian maple panel and high density waterproof non-slip diamond emery paper keep the original wood color on the back, supporting free DIY. Individual character is dye-in-the-wood. Using impact resistant ABS material base and ABEC 7 bearings, chrome steel perlin, this skateboard is more practical to use.
Eprocool Canada Maple Wood Skateboard-2
This skateboard also applies high quality solid PU wheels with zebra grain appearance, ensuring excellent durability and more personality. Using integrated set of suspension shaft fixed can reduce friction. Adding the PU perfusion, ring and thicken bridge bracket, it can withstand up to 150kg weight with high safety coefficient.

By now, you can easily see how special and unique this Eprocool Canada maple wood skateboard actually is from the above. To experience wood skateboard riding and more close to nature, this skateboard is definitely your top choice.  

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