Some advices for the biginners

Preparation before you use

when your first time to use the self-balancing uincycle,you’d better put on comfortable clothes or sports wear.Flat shoes are  available and high-heel is prohibited.High shoes are the best.Carry the self-balancing unicycle to a kind of roomy place and make sure the ground is flat and there’s no obvious barrier.



The heart of the matter

1.The beginners younger than 18 or older than 45 should need someone to assist when learn to use.

2.please make sure the tire is appropriate and the power is enough before you using it.

3.Don’t try to accelerate before you are familiar with driving.

4.The self-balancing unicycle’s balancing scary is limited ,remember that Don’t accelerate and decelerate urgently.

5.Look for a wall or handrail helping you keep balance. If without these ,you can ask a friend  stand by your side. With the external support,you can lean forward to make the unicycle move forward slowly.Be familiar with the self-balancing unicycle gradually and then get rid of the external support step by step.

Some advices for the beginners

Points for attention

1.The beginner can use the assisted learning belt as an important tool for the first time.

2.The assisted belt can help you avoid driving  the unicycle out of controlled cause by the unfamiliar operation.



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