Solowheel self-balancing unicycle

What do you think of the solowheel self-balancing unicycle? It’s a short-distance transportation instead of walking ,which is come from the USA.It’s suitable for Riding within 3-5km.Except instead of walking ,it can also as an exercise equipment.To be a beginner,you need 1-2 hour to learn it (of course,if you are not well in balancing,you may take more time to learn it).It relies on Lithium battery to supply power,the maximum speed is 16km/h.After the full charge ,the maximum distance can be up to 20km.The solowheel self-balancing unicycle weight 11kg and the maximum load is 113kg.

Usually we can ride the solowheel self-balancing unicycle to go to the park ,supermarket near by,which is very convenient.If you live far away from the subway station,you can ride it to the station in the morning or after work,just take it into the subway station directly . It saves the space and you don’t have any burden.

The advantages and disadvantages of solowheel self-balancing unicycle

Advantages: small in size,easy to carry,usefull for short-distance journey,cool and smart and draw lots of attention

disadvantages: to most people ,it takes you some time to learn it ,you need some talent in sports 

 solowheel self-balancing unicycle

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