Smart is the new Sexy: Which Character From “The Big Bang Theory” Should You Date


“This is the age of the geek and The Big Bang Theory’s popularity is a reflection of a massive cultural shift where we’re celebrating the brainy, the intellectual and the different  instead of making them an outcast,” said Katherine Brodsky, a stringer for Variety. You’ve got to agree that the Big Bang Theory let geek culture become mainstream and created the idea “Smart is the new Sexy”.


Some of us love this series because of the interesting facts about science, some love it because of the excellent and hilarious script writings, but most of us love it because of those talented adorable geek characters and the awesome chemistry among them. Apparently, Sheldon, Leonard, and Howard have extremely different personality, so who is the most charming and sexiest character for you? Who should you date? Let’s figure it out!


Sheldon Cooper

A theoretical physicist and the King of Nerds

Sheldon He is an incredible person who is socially inept and amazingly smart at the same time. You might feel he’s ridiculous with his many quirky ways but in fact, he is a sorta childish and stubborn one liners. In one word, he is a sincere friend and companion, a weirdo that is truly appreciated.


Leonard Hofstadter

An experimental physicist and Sheldon’s roommate

Leonard Although he is also from the “geek world”, Leonard is not that typical, especially in the social world. He is considered to be a very thoughtful boyfriend and cool girls like Penny would love to date him. Not only is he smart, but he also has a sense of humour.


Howard Wolowitz

An aerospace engineer and the only non-PhD

Howard Howie would never fail to make his friends laugh and he delivers lots of happiness to them every day so that he has such a good relationship with everyone. He also owns a unique dressing style which is eye-catching and cute.


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