Sharing My Riding Experience Of TG T3 Electric Unicycle With You

Riding TG-T3 electric unicycle has been more than a year. In the initial contact with the unicycle, I felt nervous, fear and a little excited. But now, I think it makes me grow up. Riding the electric unicycle do let me become outgoing, and at the same time, it can exercise my balance and reaction ability, which are indisputable facts.   

TG T3 Electric self balancing unicycle

My first unicycle I have owned is the first one for me to learn riding, named TG-T3 electric unicycle. I heard of it and bought it out of interests. At first, I only thought of being cool to riding it, not using it to instead of walking. When I learned riding, there was no auxiliary wheel and no friend to help me to learn riding. I just held the wall slowly to learn riding. It took about three hours that I knew how to ride it without falling down. But, I accelerated fiercely, resulting flapping. I sincerely remind everybody who learns riding to ride not to ride too fast. It is not good to be in a hurry. After practice and practice, I learned many high difficult movements, like jumping, 180 degree spinning, backward moving and so on. It is really a great achievement.

What I am using now is still TG T3 electric unicycle, which is far more advanced and practical compared with the others. Stepping on the pedals, the pedals fit for my feet. Its main program ascension is very big, and it is more quiet and safe than the others. The function of the body is more complete, equipped with lighting lamps, body pushing rod, parking holder, as well as speakers, making the riding more functional and safe. This TG-T3 electric unicycle looks fairly amazing and excellent for riding. It is an ideal short-distance transport, really convenient and efficient. 

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