Self Balancing Electric Unicycle Learning Skills

Self balancing electric unicycle is a new entertainment tool, which especially attracts many young people’ s attentions and interests. Because of its portability and light weight, as well as various tricks and movements, many young people use it to make friends and communicate with each other.

However, there are some friends not knowing how to use it after purchasing. IPS, as the leading brand of self balancing electric unicycle, summarizes the learning skills and techniques according to the riding experience of many players, in order to help you to study and learn riding well.  

First of all, you can learn using one foot to control the unicycle. You can put one foot on the pedal, and then make your calf close to the side of the unicycle tightly. The other foot must be in place. You should feel the progress of unicycle moving, turning and speed controlling. The process is recommended to be practiced for about 15 minutes, and this learning skill is necessary and important.

After familiar with how to use one foot for manipulation, you can slowly learn slide with one leg. You can put one foot on the pedal and make your calf close to the side of the unicycle, and then use the leg to slid. At that time, the gravity of your body is forward, and the unicycle will slowly move forward. The process is suggested to practice for about 15 minutes.

When you can use one foot to smoothly glide, you can try to ride with two feet. Simply on the basis of one foot glide, you can slowly try to put the other foot on the pedal and ride. In the process, you need to use your legs to tightly clamp the unicycle, in order to control the balance of the unicycle. At the same time, you also need to pay attention to speed control. Under a certain speed, you can look for a sense of balance in a certain speed. If it is too slow, the unicycle will be difficult to master. This learning skill should be remembered.

Finally, it is reminded that using calf to clamp the unicycle tightly may cause pain, so that IPS self balancing electric unicycle suggest you not to be in a hurry. It is better to practice one hour every day. As long as you have patience, it is believed that you can learn quickly.

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