Self Balancing Electric Unicycle Appears On Indonesian National Channel TV ONE

Recently, self balancing electric unicycle has an extraordinary sense of presence, and it appears on Indonesian national channel TV ONE.

Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

On this channel, there is a morning TV show about the low carbon travel.

Self Balancing Electric Unicycle-1
The show, based on the high occurrence rate of electric unicycle on local streets, leads people bit by bit to know the unique way to travel of electric unicycle. On the show, taking Airwheel electric unicycle as an example, it has introduced the dynamic balance principle, SONY batteries, new tires and the body feeling control method in the process of riding.
Self Balancing Electric Unicycle-2
From electrical energy drive, there is no waste gas pollution when traveling with this intelligent electric scooter. The electricity consumption per one hundred km is just 1 °. It is one of the very low carbon way to travel. On the show, young people riding electric unicycle on the street are interviewed, and they think it is very suitable for young people to travel, very cool. Self balancing electric unicycle can make their life more passion and vitality, and it can also contribute to environment protection.  

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