Safety Instructions Of Riding IPS Self Balancing Unicycle

Riding IPS self balancing unicycle, you may face personal injury due to collision, fall, and out of control. In order to ensure your safety, you should completely and carefully read the user manual of the unicycle. All of the instructions and matters need to be paid great attention.

IPS unicycle is an outdoor sports product, but it is only allowed to ride at flat area. Road cycling is strictly prohibited, and it is forbidden to ride on the motor vehicle road. If you ride on any motor vehicle road, non-motor vehicle driveways, once there is traffic accident, it may cause injury to you.

Minors should be accompanied by a guardian to use IPS self balancing unicycle, in order to avoid accidents and injuries. At any time, you should wear a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and some other various security guards to protect yourself. If you do not wear safety protective devices, it may cause personal injury to you.

It is also asked that you should use the original charger to charge the unicycle. To charge the unicycle, you must adopt the original charger, and you should not use other types of IPS charger. It is not allowed to use the charger of other manufacturer to charge the unicycle. If you do not follow this instruction, you should take the responsibility for the consequences caused by not using original charger.

Those above instructions and matters of this IPS self balancing unicycle are important and useful for you to have a safe riding, and you should keep them in mind firmly. Although this manual will help you better understand and use IPS, but it can not ensure that all emergency accident types are included. Therefore, it is kindly reminded that you should drive carefully to make sure your safely while riding the unicycle.

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