Riding Self Balancing Unicycle Is Easy And Simple

Riding self balancing unicycle is really interesting and funny. For me, it is easy and simple to learn riding. According to my personal experience, here are some notes for you to learn riding well.

Firstly, you should choose the right places for riding unicycle. The most suitable place is the spacious flat place with no obstacle. When you just learn riding, it is hard for you to keep straight. Flat and spacious place allows you to learn riding freely, avoiding hitting road or jumping down unicycle. Trying your best to keeping standing on the unicycle is the key to success.  

Secondly, you should pay attention to your foot of gravity center. Before riding, you should make sure which foot is your gravity center foot. There is a simple way to judge it, asking a friend to push you without notifying you. Under the condition of your subconscious, the foot you step is the gravity center foot. The gravity center foot is your first foot stepping on the pedal.  

Thirdly, you need to notice the location of foot stepping. If not stepping well, it will not only affect your perception of the vehicle state, but also affect relative position of your calves and unicycle fuselage. After ensuring the center gravity foot, you can put it on the foot pedals first. Your other foot can do gliding, and you can try to set this foot on the other foot pedal. You must grasp the foot position well to ensure smooth riding.  

Fourthly, you should keep the gravity center forward. The unicycle moves forward or backward depending on gravity center, so that if you keep gravity center forward, this unicycle will move on. New beginners should keep that in mind to find the feeling of riding.

Fifthly, you should notice your eyes. Eyes must be staring at the front, and you should not lower the head to the unicycle, keeping your upper body upright as far as possible and not bending. This is important for your to keep balance.

Keeping those notes in mind, you are believed to be able to grasp the skills and techniques of riding self balancing unicycle the largest extent. It is hoped that you can have a great fun of riding unicycle under the above guidance.

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