Revealing New Airwheel A3 Self Balancing Electric Scooter

On June 18, Airwheel released two new products. One is the so-called bigger and thicker Airwheel S5, and the other is Airwheel A3 which has seat design. What kinds of self balancing electric unicycle Airwheel A3 actually is? Let’ s explore the myth together in the following.

Seat design

Airwheel A3 Seat Design

Compared with more than two wheels electric scooter on the market, Airwheel A3 seems to have made big changes on both structure and function. On structure, it abandons the consistent stand no seat design, and adopts entirely leather cushion seat. Using the principle of human body engineering, it allows the rider to enjoy a comfortable seat.

Exclusive maglev motor

Airwheel A3 exclusive maglev motor

This Airwheel A3 motor bearing, eliminating the radial load, using magnetic levitation motor, greatly reduce the vulnerable parts of the motor, making the machine more durable.

Hydraulic shock absorber

airwheel a3 hydraulic shock absorber
This A3 uses a hydraulic suspension system, similar to a cross-country motorcycle shock absorber design, to cope with winding bumpy road.  

Electronic brake system

airwheel a3 electronic brake system

Before that, electric unicycle is controlled by the rider’ s body center gravity, no matter it is going forward, accelerating or braking. The Airwheel A3 has joined the electronic brake system in software, replacing the traditional mechanical transmission with electronic control. It seems that the brake system is more accurate, making riding safer. The official data shows that the braking reaction is 0.5s, inertial distance 50 cm, and body posture less than 10 °.

Intelligent anti-theft alarm system

airwheel a3 companion check

airwheel a3 intelligent anti-theft alarm system

Before A3, Airwheel series of products have not access to the APP. While, the new A3 solves this question. This Airwheel A3 has positioning and anti-theft alarm, through internal control chip in the body. After data collection, it can be transmitted to the mobile phone, and after analysis computation, the mobile phone can visualize the data through the APP feedback to users, so that the electric scooter appears more intelligent.

In short, this Airwheel A3 self balancing electric scooter is safe, stable, reliable and practical for daily use. It is undoubtedly worth purchasing.

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