Reducing Night Riding Danger: Indispensable Electric Unicycle Accessories

Nowadays, more and more people like to riding electric unicycle, no matter it is on daytime or at night. However, the hidden danger of night riding is exposed. In order to reduce night riding danger, some electric unicycle accessories are offered. Those accessories are indispensable and useful, able to not only make your unicycle cool, but also ensure your safety.

Indispensable Electric Unicycle Accessories

Electric scooter has small size, with no worry about traffic jam. But, its small body makes it not easy to be seen by other large vehicles on the road at night, and security problem may come. To avoid accident, it is necessary and indispensable to install some electric scooter accessories.

Indispensable Electric Unicycle Accessories-2

Electric unicycle LED safety pedal lights are useful and practical accessories, installed on the pedals of the self balancing electric unicycle. After installation, you can use them as unicycle pedal lights, warning lights and turning lights. Those lights have two modes for selection, that is continuous light and flash light. Using those pedal lights can ensuring your safety while riding at night.

Indispensable Electric Unicycle Accessories-3

Except for pedal light, there are electric unicycle tail lights. Those tail lights have laser design and wide visibility design, featuring 7 modes, namely persistently lighting, fast flash, slow flash, slow flash from left to right, fast flash from left to right, slow flash from right to left, fast flash from right to left. Two parallel light lines on the road send by the laser indicator can keep a safe distance.

Although they are electric unicycle accessories, those electric unicycle LED safety pedal lights and electric unicycle tail lights are necessary and indispensable for night riding safety. Dazzle color lights will ensure your safety, and at the same time bring you more gorgeous mood, no longer afraid of the dark night. 

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