Protection Function Of TG Unicycle Charger

The topic today is about TG unicycle charger, which is a well-sold charger for TG self balancing electric unicycle. This charger is popularly welcomed by many electric unicycle enthusiasts, already gained good sales. It is said that this charger is so popular due to its protection function, which will be illustrated in the following in details.  

TG unicycle charger

132W electric unicycle battery  polarity reverse polarity protection
When the battery polarity is reversed, the charger will automatically cut off the output, and the output voltage is 0.
When troubleshooting, after the normal polarity connection, the charger will resume normal operation.

Short circuit protection
Output can be shorted without damage. The adapter shall be auto-recovery. It will enter into normal condition when the fault condition is removed.

TG unicycle charger

Over current protection
The power supply will be auto recovered when over current faults remove.

Over voltage protection
The output shall be protected to latch off at over-voltage condition, and maximum value can’t be over 72V.
That might be return to normal state by AC reset. The reset time must less than 2min.

In short, thanks to its protection function clearly mentioned above, this TG unicycle charger is extremely famous and popular. If you need a charger for your electric unicycle, this one seems to be a good choice for you to have.

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