Ninebot President Wang Invited To Participate In 2015 RoboCup

RoboCup is the current internationally highest level, largest scale and most extensive influence robot competition, sponsored by the international federation of RoboCup. Since the first successful bid in Japan on August 1997, RoboCup, with its unique charm, becomes the most influential event among all kinds of international robot competitions. Many world famous schools, including Carnegie Mellon University, Cornell University, Stanford University, Tsinghua University, China University Of Science And Technology, Zhejiang University, are actively involved in. At the same time, some world famous enterprises including SONY and Microsoft provide long-term support and favor.2015 RoboCup

RoboCup opens once a year, and it is hold by all continents in turn. Since 2008, seven years later, this is the second times hold in China. Chinese industries are in the process of developing from “made in China” to “Chinese wisdom”, and the RoboCup can bring limitless possibilities. RoboCup is most likely the most important high level international robot competitions held in the country until 2025.2015 RoboCup-1

2015 RoboCup summit was held by Intel (China), with the theme of “robot, dream set sail”. International robotics federation chairman Manuela M. Veloso, Intel robot innovation center general manager Ni JianAn, international federation of artificial intelligence chairman Yang Qiang and robotics industry leader Wang gave on-site speeches and presentations to discuss the development of the whole robot industry chain in the future.Ninebot

On July 21, Ninebot president Wang brought intelligent walking robot Ninebot Nine and Ninebot One to 2015 RoboCup, allowing participants to have a gluttonous feast of robot. The latest situation of Ninebot will continuously be reported later. 

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