Ninebot One Self-balancing Monocycle, New World for You


Are you tired of riding the bicycle or driving the car? Let’s try some special transportation when we go outside to study or work. Yes, it is the electric unicycle. But there are so many for you to choose. Among so many electric unicycles, I love the Ninebot One Self-balancing Monocycle most. Now let’s have a detailed introduce about it.

Ninebot One Self-balancing MonocycleWith the elegant appearance that LEXAN porcelain white and glossy black, you will fall in love with it at the first sight. There are ring shaped display panel on both sides, 20*2 indepent RGB LED. The size of it is 475*453*175mm, 406mm in diameter. The Max payload weight of it about 129kg, so it is suitable for most of people to apply. Made of the AZ91D magnesium alloy and LEXAN PC, it is durable and stable enough for you guys to use.
Ninebot One Self-balancing MonocycleNinebot One Self-balancing MonocycleBoth Model C+ and Model E+ are 55.5V, but the high capacity of battery is a little different. The high capacity of Model C+ is 22Wh while it is 320Wh of Model E+. Of course, the full charging time of them is different, the former one will be charged fully within 150 min while the latter needs 240 min.
Ninebot One Self-balancing Monocycle
Moreover, due to the above reason, the speed of them is also various. The Model C+ can be ridden between 17-20km/h, but the speed of Model E+ is between 18-22km/h.
Ninebot One Self-balancing MonocycleThe wireless connection is the biggest selling point of it. It can be connected with the Bluetooth4.0 to achieve remote control during the riding, but the premise is that your phone have to download the Ninedroiad APP.
Ninebot One Self-balancing Monocycle
It has the high quality water resistant aviation charging port, multifunction power button and the multifunction accessory holder. What a big surprise for buyer to possess! If you want to know more about this electric unicycle, you can click here: Ninebot One Self-balancing Monocycle to know more.

Ninebot One Self-balancing Monocycle

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