Ninebot One Self Balancing Electric Unicycle Review: Pros And Cons

Recently, I get myself Ninebot One self balancing electric unicycle, which is said to be great and amazing. I have used it for a period of time, and it turns to be great. In the following, here is pros and cons of this electric unicycle.

Ninebot One Self Balancing Electric Unicycle


Firstly, the appearance of this electric scooter is very beautiful, and its iridescent atmosphere lamp is very cool.

Secondly, this electric scooter is very powerful. The first time I used it, I decided to test its performance thoroughly, so I rode into a small slope beyond the product limitation, about 30 degrees slope. Before the ride, it absolutely can not reach the limit, but the Ninebot reached, giving me a big surprise.

Thirdly, this Ninebot One is very strong. On the slope, unfortunately, I suddenly lost balance. I jumped car in time, not injured. However, this unicycle had a serious impact. I thought the car were seriously damaged, but it had given me a bigger surprise. Apart from a few scratches, this electric scooter had its function well. I can’ t believe it. If the Ninebot can withstand such impact, it can be fine for other basic collide.

Ninebot One Self Balancing Electric Unicycle-1

Fourthly, this Ninebot One self balancing electric unicycle is very easy to operate. Single wheel turning is very flexible.

Fifthly, this Ninebot One is anti-skid, stable and secure. The top high-pressure casting craft of magnesium alloy and spacious and elegant AIO pedal have perfect performance in skid resistance.  

Sixthly, with Bluetooth, this electric scooter can upgrade the firmware on this model, supporting interactive data analysis with computer. The sensor reading is very useful.
Seventhly, this one wheel electric scooter has intelligent safety alarm system for comfortable and quiet riding. Other brands electric scooters constantly beep when riding at more than 8.9MPH, which is really annoying. I hate it. When it not reaching a top speed of cycling, it is still safe, but the loud beeping disturbs the people around you. I cut the speaker wire. Most importantly, pedal before reaching a top speed of the steering is normal. Ninebot only alerts in the highest speed, which is really a great improvement superior to other brands.

Ninebot One Self Balancing Electric Unicycle-2

One on hand, you have to open car body to find gas mouth, I’ m sure you can buy an extension of the mouth.
On the other hand, this electric unicycle is a high-end products, so the price is also high.

It is hoped that my share is useful and helpful for you, and you can get the information you need or want. Anyway, this Ninebot One self balancing electric unicycle is really nice. You can try it. 

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