Ninebot One Self Balancing Electric Unicycle: Intelligent And Fashionable Personal Transportation Tool

Today, I’ d like to show you an intelligent and fashionable personal transportation tool, named Ninebot One self balancing electric unicycle. With this electric unicycle, you can say goodbye to the crowds and enjoy the freedom and pleasure, being the master of the world. And now, let’ s have a close look at this intelligent and fashionable electric scooter together in the following in details.  

Ninebot One

This electric scooter is small in size and light in weight. It is 475*453*175mm in dimension and 12.8kg in net weight.

Ninebot One-1

This Ninebot One has applied fashionable and futuristic design. It obtains delicate porcelain texture appearance and original frame style in the industry, quite concise, decent and elegant.

Ninebot One-2

With non-visual lifting handle design, this electric unicycle is light and portable. The magnesium alloy and elastic polyurethane lifting handle is hidden in the vehicle and it can pop out if needed.

Ninebot One-3

This one wheel electric scooter has amazing shells with optional colors. You can choose the color you want since there are various color kits available to keep a gorgeous appearance.

Ninebot One-4

Applying magnesium alloy frame and pedal, this Ninebot One self balancing electric unicycle is anti-skid, stable and secure. The top high-pressure casting craft of magnesium alloy and spacious and elegant AIO pedal have perfect performance in skid resistance. Elegant appearance and smooth design without edges are not only for beauty but also for the security of freshmen.

Ninebot One-5

This Ninebot One has adopted intelligent safety alarm system. A triple safety alarm including a sound, light and vibration will emit to ensure a safe driving experience. Alarm will be set off by speeding, over leaning, low power, internal malfunction and overheating.

Ninebot One-6

The most impressive is that this Ninebot One electric scooter is equipped with iridescent atmosphere lamp, making it full of personality. With tens of thousands of colors choice, this electric scooter is cool and shiny. The color can be set via Ninedroid APP, with the light effect of breathing, blinking, flowing and customization, making every Ninebot One out of ordinary. 

Ninebot One Electric Scooter

Ninedroid 2.0 APP will be available in Apple store and Android market soon. With this APP, you can able to experience the function of instrument dashboard, customization light effect setting, remote firmware updating, ranking list and community.

In short, this Ninebot One self balancing electric unicycle is undoubtedly an intelligent and fashionable personal transportation tool. Getting it for your daily life, you will definitely feel no regret.

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