Ninebot One Modification Contest: Wonderful Works Collection

Since the Ninebot One modification contest, many wonderful and amazing modification works have been received from a lot of players, and their special DIY skills are absolutely worth praising. And now, let’ s have a close look at those amazing and excellent works together in the following.

Ninebot One Modification

This is Perfectio In Spiritu, a modification by Genvex. The jewelry blue automotive paint makes the unicycle blue sparkling. Well-chosen mini stick adds active elements to the Ninebot One.
Ninebot One Modification-1

The original Ninebot One has no logo to show its brand, and now this modification has the brand logo on the body.

Ninebot One Modification-2

Moreover, there is Perfectio In Spiritu on the unicycle, in Gothic font. And now, everyone knows its name clearly.  
Ninebot One Modification-3
Equipped with foot pad and skateboard sandpaper, this unicycle is extremely anti-skid. With leather leg guard, it can bring good feeling to the user even direct contact, ensuring warm in winter and cool in summer, abrasion and scrape resistant.
Ninebot One Modification-4
Added a lamp, this electric unicycle is more practical to use.
Ninebot One Modification-5
That is Iron man Ninebot One 1.0 by Cow, with inspiration from the Iron Man. It is said that this version takes a few cans of flashing lacquer and three hours of spraying, and then this is version 1.0.
Ninebot One Modification-6
As for light DIY, this modification is impressive and attractive. The headlight is equipped with touch switch, and long pressing can adjust the light brightness. There is power indicator light, and it can show you the actual battery charging status. The rechargeable battery is assembled inside the unicycle, so that charging only need to charge on the original charging port. As for long tail lights, there are seven different lighting modes, namely, bright, flash, slow flash, flash from top and bottom, from bottom up flashing, rapid warning and slow. Those lights not only have no effect on its beauty, but also make it more practical and more cool.

It is hoped that more and more players can bring everyone more wonderful DIY modification. It is wished that everyone can have his own innovative Ninebot One.

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