Ninebot One Electric Unicycle Tire For C+ E+

Today, I’ d like to introduce you another electric unicycle accessory, called Ninebot One electric unicycle tire. This tire is great and perfect for Ninebot One electric unicycle C+ E+. If there is some wrong with your electric unicycle tire, you can change it. In the following, here is the detailed information about this tire.  Ninebot One Electric Unicycle Tire
This tire is the product of KENDA, in the model of K924. The external diameter is 16 inches, and the inner diameter is 14 inches.  
Ninebot One Electric Unicycle Tire-1
This Ninebot One electric unicycle tire has small block eight. The use of double special rubber ensures high speed performance. Applying fine pattern structure and small resistant drainage pattern, it is easy and comfortable to ride.
Ninebot One Electric Unicycle Tire-2
This tire is particularly suitable for unicycle use. If this wear-resistant tire is used, long-distance riding can be more pleasant and secure.

It is no doubt from the above that this Ninebot One electric unicycle tire is a high quality and high performance accessory for unicycle riding. If you need to change your electric unicycle tire, this one is absolutely your top choice.

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