New SOLOWHEEL Electric Unicycle Is Coming Soon

Recently, FACEBOOK exposes the picture of the new SOLOWHEEL electric unicycle and its pioneering and intriguing designs causes an uproar in the industry of science and technology innovation.  

New SOLOWHEEL Electric Unicycle

The photos shows that this new SOLOWHEEL inherits the classic red and black colors, which not only are the main visual colors of the brand LOGO, but also represents the SOLOWHEEL innovative spirit.  

New SOLOWHEEL Electric Unicycle-1

This new SOLOWHEEL uses stream line integral style design with highly visual tension, and at the same time applies the wind tunnel experiment technology, further confirming the specific streamline shape for high speed and low resistance. It has clear tail lamp and new power button design to ensure better performance.

New SOLOWHEEL Electric Unicycle-2

This new electric scooter is the perfect combination of product functionality and art. From photos, it is not hard to see that this new SOLOWHEEL applies the hidden handle design to enhance the overall appearance to be beautiful and practical.

New SOLOWHEEL Electric Unicycle-3

In addition, the new SOLOWHEEL pedal uses the first generation high strength aluminum alloy material. But in order to accord with human body engineering, it improves the traditional rectangle. This electric unicycle also uses the design of shin guards tear-shaped black leather qualitative material, to replace the original large red rubber area. The new designs can not only allow the rider to control better, but also making it safe and comfortable to use.  

It is reported that the new generation SOLOWHEEL electric unicycle is about to sell around the world, aiming to provide the user with a simple, convenient, practical, environmental protection way to travel, and unprecedented driving experience. It is definitely worth your attention.

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