New Arrival! XiaoMi Scooter Trolley Handbar on Big Sale

Have you ever had or heard of the XiaoMi Ninebot? In case you didn’t know, this is a scooter which launched by Ninebot, a XiaoMi portfolio company.


The main feature of this scooter is that it steers by detecting movements from riders’ legs and will predict by itself where they wish to go. Riders can always control the Ninebot scooter from a corresponding smartphone App, if required. The app will act as a speedometer, and show traffic data or if there are any faults in the scooter. What’s more, this scooter is sleek, stylish and definitely a form of personal transportation you can easily flaunt on the go. However, this wonderful scooter comes without a handle, only a knee-high steering stick instead. For those who what are used to controlling the direction by hands, this is a small flaw. Yes, that’s the point we are and will talk about today, an ideal solution, XiaoMi Scooter Trolley Handbar.


The scooter will be more safe and convenient after the installation of the handbar. With simple design, it is easy to disassemble, and does not affect the structure design of the XiaoMi Ninebot. As for the assembly design, it has a good coordination, and is easy to carry. C-handle design suits for a variety of somatosensory ways to control. And the ergonomic design process is suitable for people at all ages.

In addition, this handbar comes with a mobile phone holder, which maximum support 5.5 inch screen mobile phone. And riders can know the status of the operation at any time by XiaoMi APP in their phones.


BTW, this XiaoMi Scooter Trolley Handbar was on big sale, at the discount of 25% off, on Banggood. Well… That’s really a big bargain! If you are interested in it, just move on and do not miss!


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