MoHoo Bluetooth Speaker Electric Unicycle VS TG X6 Bluetooth Speaker Electric Unicycle

Today, I am going to show you two types of Bluetooth speaker electric unicycles, that is MoHoo Bluetooth speaker electric unicycle and TG X6 Bluetooth speaker electric unicycle. Though they are Bluetooth speaker electric unicycles, MoHoo and TG X6 are different in some aspects. And now, let’ s do comparison between them in the following.

Appearance comparison

In appearance, MoHoo and TG X6 are totally different. TG X6 is more classic and traditional. MoHoo is more creative and special. After comparison, Mohoo attracts more eyes.  

Bluetooth comparison

They both have Bluetooth, but Bluetooth locations are different. With 6W Bluetooth speaker, Mohoo make your travel more high. It can connect with your phone through Bluetooth, and then music is always by your side. The TG X6 unicycle comes with Bluetooth 4.0, and you can enjoy musics while riding.

LED light comparison

Both unicycles have LED light. However, light shape and light color are different. With high bright LED front light and red LED alarm light, MoHoo makes your night travel more safe. Equipped with colorful LED light, TG X6 is more attractive and eye-catching, ideal and perfect for night riding.

By now, you can have a clear mind of MoHoo Bluetooth speaker electric unicycle and TG X6 Bluetooth speaker electric unicycle from the above. It is no doubt that those two Bluetooth speaker electric unicycle are really excellent and great, absolutely worth purchasing. You can select the most suitable on based on your preference or needs.

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