Modified Segway: Two Wheels Self Balancing Wheelchair

The appearance of Segway has opened up a DIY boom all over the world, and it has lasted for a super long time. Recently, Segway takes a great step to the wheelchair.

Two Wheels Segway Wheelchair

This step is proposed by Kevin Kalsall from New Zealand. He splits Segway into multiple parts, and uses these parts to build a free manual wheelchair. At the same time, he installs training wheels on the wheelchair to keep the body stand. He names it as “The Ogo”, and its existing prototype is made of glass fiber. It is understood that The Ogo wheelchair has top speed of about 20km/h.

Initially, The Ogo is just a specially-designed product made by Kevin for his friend Marcus Thompson. Marcus is a paraplegia. At the time, Kevin pulled down a tens of thousands of dollars Segway, and then launched The Ogo. “The first thing I thought is, if I have no leg, Segway is supposed to be the most perfect tool that I can adapt to.” Kevin said. “But its manipulation and induction should be redefined, and the only way I can use is to go deep into the internal organs of the Segway.”

Two Wheels Self Balancing Wheelchair

From the appearance, the design of The Ogo is relatively coarse. The Ogo wheels are very wide, so that they can adapt to more complex terrain. The wheelchair has applied the already patented mobile seat control technology, making people in wheelchairs use core muscle group to operate a wheelchair through the seat.

Next, the most important thing for Kevin is to find investors, in order to turn his clever invention into product with a mass production. 

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